Professional Associations

Professional associations which Tomarial or one or more of its members belong to.



The Illustrious Valencia Bar Association -ICAV, is the entity of public law that brings together both practicing and non-practicing lawyers. Main offices are situated in the city of Valencia (Spain).


College of Economists of Valencia (COEV)

coevSince its constitution in 1971, when the number of members was barely 100, to the present day with more than 3,800 economists in its most recent census, this public corporation, with its own legal entity, is the representative institution for the profession of Economist in the areas of the province of Valencia.

Spanish Association of Tax Consultants.  (AEDAF)

Captura-de-pantalla-2013-05-27-a-las-12.32.54The Spanish Association of Tax Consultants, founded in 1967, brings together university graduates specialized in tax matters, who work mainly in the area of tax consulting, either self-employed or for another party, thus forming an associative culture.


Registry of Economists and Tax Advisors (REAF)

The REAF is a specialized entity of the   General Council of Spanish Colleges of Economists, created in March of 1988 to coordinate the activity of Economists in matters directly related with the professional practice of Tax Advising. The Registry currently is composed of more than 4,500 Tax Advisor Economists, belonging to the 33 Colleges of Economists in Spain.

Professional Association of Tax Advisors of the Comunidad Valenciana (APAPCV)


Since in the year 1985 when the Professional Association of Tax Advisors of the Comunidad Valenciana  was created, many professionals working in the area of Tax Advising have joined this group, looking for the defense and promotion of their professional interests, as well as continuous retraining, so necessary in the profession, and a whole series of complementary services that facilitate considerably the daily work in their offices.

Registry of Forensic Economists, REFOR


The Registry of Forensic Economists, REFOR, is a specialized entity of the General Council of Spanish Colleges of Economists, of a technical nature, whose objectives are:

Enhance the public image of the forensic economist

  • Improve the professional qualifications of its members through training and information, thus raising the level of the quality of their work and endeavoring to obtain a fair remuneration for the same.
  •  Favor the interchange of knowledge and experience between its members.
  • Draw up technical recommendations.
  • Collaborate with the legal institutions.
  • Provide whatever services of a general nature that will contribute to the development of the professional activity of its members.
  • Collaborate with the Colleges and Regional Councils, where appropriate, in securing the above mentioned objectives.

Registry of Economists Experts in Financial Accounting and Information (ECIF)


The Registry of Economists Experts in Financial Accounting and Information (ECIF) was approved by the Plenary Session of the General Council of Spanish Colleges of Economists on 13 February 2008, with the intention of serving as a channel and point of union between the diverse activities of the Economist and his/her relation with financial information in general and accounting in particular.

European Tax Confederation (CFE)

CFEThe CFE (Confédération Fiscale Européenne) was founded in 1959 and today embraces 33 national organizations from 25 European States, representing more than 180,000 tax advisers.


Association of Expert Associates in the Justice Administration
Asociación de PeritosAssociation founded in the year 1997 and its objective is directed towards uniting the group of different expert specialties who work collaborating with the Justice Administration in the area of the Comunidad Valenciana, and offer their expert services to the potentially interested groups.