The Firm

The complexities of Law

We know about the complexities of law.

It is not by chance that in recent years we have developed to become one of the fastest-growing law firms in Valencia. We know how to help our clients to successfully face their legal and corporate challenges. In only a few years, we have grown to become the most reliable law firm for many companies and entrepreneurs.

We know that there are lots of law firms and business advisors in Valencia, where our main of:fce is based, as well as in Spain. But none of them is like ours!.

Law Artisans

When you work with Tomarial, you will immediately notice that we are a fully client-oriented firm.

At Tomarial, the skills of our lawyers and advisors and the excellence of our team are always focused on our clients.

Our work is carried out with utmost care, just like the work of artisans. When a client knocks on our door, we know that he is willing to place his most important affairs in our hands.

At Tomarial, there are no hidden costs. We always have time for our clients, and avoid red tape. We are aware that your trust has a value, and that is why, at Tomarial, the partners themselves assist the clients.

Global people at a local market

Since 2007, when Antonio Ballester Sánchez and Tomás Vázquez Lépinette, former members of two leading law firms in Spain, founded Tomarial, the firm has positioned itself as a boutique firm of globally experienced and skilled specialists, who are also experts in the Spanish market, especially in the Valencian Autonomous Region, where the firm has become a milestone.

In late 2012, Tomarial incorporated the firm Carlos del Romero Economistas into its structure. Carlos del Romero Economistas is specialized in Labor Law, thus adding value to Tomarial.

We are a Firm that watches the world, participates in international transactions side by side with its clients, where frontiers (the ones that are left) and languages are no barriers.

Nowadays, Tomarial´s clients come from all sectors of the business life of the Valencian Autonomous Region. Our clients are both multinational and small and medium-sized companies, as well as individual entrepreneurs who see an added value in the manner we serve them and in our overall outlook of the world.

Lawyers and Tax Advisors

We do not purport to master all areas of Law, but we do strive to be extraordinarily bright in the areas that we do master.

Today, Tomarial specializes in the following areas of law and business:

  • Tax Law
  • Tax inspection and verification
  • Mercantile law
  • Labor Law
  • Mercantile law
  • Accounting and Management Area

Tax Law

  • General tax provisions applying to business and the businessmen
  • Tax advisory and planning for companies.
  • Planning of the IRPF and Tax on Wealth
  • Indirect taxes
  • Restructuring of business groups
  • Tax consolidation
  • Tax provisions applicable to family companies
  • Planning of tax on inheritances and donations
  • Transfer of family wealth
  • Related transactions and transfer prices
  • Due diligence
  • Tax management
  • Real estate taxes
  • Real estate Investment and divestiture
  • Planning of real estate promotion
  • Indirect taxes on real estate transfer
  • International taxes

Tax inspection and verification

  • Advisory regarding foreign investment in Spain
  • Advisory regarding Spanish investment abroad
  • Foreign securities holding entities (E.T.V.E.)
  • Optimization of international structures
  • Advice to expatriates and inpatriates
  • Transfer prices
  • Tax provisions applicable to business restructuring
  • Acquisition and sale of companies
  • Mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs, contributions of activity branches and securities exchange
  • Inspection and tax contents procedures
  • Enquiries to the Bureau of Taxes and the A.E.A.T.
  • Assistance and advice on tax inspections
  • Claims and complaints
  • Claims before Economic-Administrative Courts and the A.E.A.T.
  • Claims before the Courts of Justice

Mercantile law

Tomarial advises companies in every stage of their lifetimes: from their inception under any corporate system (corporations, cooperatives and foundations), to the regulation of their business activities (business contracting and business manage- ment), their growth (mergers, acquisitions and restructuring), as well as their most critical stage (suspension of payments).

Tomarial also provides assistance in industrial property law, unfair competition and advertising in various economic sectors.

Additionally, within the mercantile area, Tomarial provides advisory on Corporate Governance, Secretarial activities and Management Bodies and Partners.

Labor Law

Tomarial advises companies in the labor law area, both regarding personnel recruitment and hiring, labor costs, enforcement of bargaining agreements, computation of personnel expenses and any kind of amendment to contractual conditions or employment regulation files.

Mercantile law

  • Provision of services as trustees bankruptcy (lawyers/economists/auditors)
  • Business refinancing plans
  • Feasibility projects
  • Negotiation with financial entities
  • Advance agreements
  • Pre-bankruptcy institutions

Accounting and Management Area

  • Accounting advice
  • Accounting management
  • Tax returns and payments
  • Compliance with A.E.A.T obligations
  • Of:fcial accounting books
  • Preparation of annual accounts and deposit of annual accounts
  • Registry of Commerce
  • Digital signature certificate

Tomarial Values

We at Tomarial use our best efforts to create an atmosphe- re of participation. Our clients are important: very much  so. But so are our beliefs and values, which help us better ourselves, grow, improve every day in order to provide the satisfaction of the best service and the tranquility of the best advisory to our clients. What’s more, these values, of which we are so proud, are so rooted in our corporate culture that they constitute the core of our company: our brand.

Thus, if we break down our brand letter by letter:









Therefore, we can say that our values are, in themselves, a reflection of ourselves.